The Fotura Difference

Not all professional photography companies are the same, nor do photographers using the same equipment produce the same quality images. This page demonstrates several ways in which using Fotura can make a difference.

Fotura photographers are tertiary educated professionals specialising in real estate photography, having experience in Australia and Europe. Our professionals have real estate photography experience in shooting a wide range of properties, from small units to large celebrity homes. Our photographers pride themselves in knowing how to capture the best angles and features of a room to present the property at its best and most inviting. Only the highest quality equipment is used and Fotura professionals have the expertise and ‘know how’ to use it.

Below are some examples of marketing photos of some properties where we have been invited to go back to improve the original images. The photos on the left were taken previously, and on the right were taken by a Fotura professional. Please have a look at our examples and decide for yourself what you want your pictures to say about your properties and brand.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to experience the Fotura difference for yourself.

To point out a few major differences, you should look for:

left hand photos right hand photos
the photos do not present the room size adequately, and they portray a cramped feeling to the viewer the photos give the viewer a feeling of the entire room
the photos have dark shadows and contrasts, giving a dark or gloomy feeling the photos are bright and demonstrate the colours accurately
the photos are underexposed, giving the impression that it is dark outside even though it is the middle of the day presents the rooms in their entirety and gives the viewer a better feeling of the space
Leading professional competitor Fotura professional
Real estate agent Fotura professional

Every now and again we do a job where the client wasn't quite ready for us. As part of our service to our clients, we go back and remove that mini-skip or treadmill that wasn't supposed to be there! Just another part of our commitment to improving the standard of real estate photography in Adelaide.

Before editing After editing

Note: we have not modified the comparison photos in any way other than to make them smaller for the comparison, the original aspect ratio and colours have been preserved.