Floor plans and 3D visualisations

Fotura professionals can customise 2D, textured 2D and 3D floor plans for residential and commercial properties. We can deliver a floor plan to present the property as it is today or to showcase its future potential.

2D floor plans contain a lot of detail and give the viewer an easy way of seeing the layout of the property. We have extensive experience in providing floor plans and will customise the style to your needs.

Textured floor plans are styled to reflect the current floor coverings of the property to provide another level of detail and immersion for potential buyers. It could aid them in recalling some feature they liked when inspecting the property, or provide them with a detail they might have missed when skimming the listing online and which prompts them to come and visit.

3D floor plans are our premium offering and provide an unprecendented level of detail. This provides a top down cut-out prespective of the property with all of its floor coverings, as well as textured 3D furniture. This really helps potential buyers imagine the current space, or is a fantastic way to model potential renovations for an existing space.

Fotura photographers are equipped with laser devices to measure and sketch your property during the photo shoot so everything can be performed in a single visit, minimising the disruption to your vendors.

Benefits of Fotura floor plans:

  • photographers measure the property while doing a photo shoot—saving you money
  • key features of the property (air conditioner ducts, pergolas, landscaping etc) are easily shown
  • textured floor plans are an affordable and easy way to enhance a standard floor plan and make your ppoperty stand out online
  • 3D floor plans add life and colour to traditional 2D floor plans
  • 3D floor plans help potential buyers visualise a lived in space by showing fixtures and furniture
  • 3D floor plans stand out from competitors—they have the wow factor
  • 3d visualisation
    3D visualisation sample of a future development
  • 3d floor plan
    Sample 3D floor plan
  • 2d floor plan
    Sample 2D floor plan
  • 2d floor plan
    Sample 2D textured floor plan
  • 3d floor plan
    Sample 2D detailed floor plan