HD Video Production

The use of short video for residential or commercial properties is a great way to present a property for sale. Our professional video photographers shoot in full HD and have extensive experience and training in video production. Fotura professionals will customise music, graphics and text to your franchise’s profile.

We also produce video testimonials; which are a great way of showcasing positive outcomes and satisfied customers.


An eTour from Fotura will give your property a realistic video feel. We will animate the photography from the photo shoot, add music and motion graphics.

The graphics and style can be customised to reflect your agency's branding. We offer a 10 or 15 photo eTour and the sequence of the photos can be customised by you. Fotura hosts the video on a branded website which you can link to from your agency's website or from realestate.com.au.

An eTour is an affordable and elegant way to market your property and give it that exclusive feel.

Benefits of videos:

  • highlight the key selling points/features of the property
  • give the buyer a feeling of walking through the property
  • stand above the competition and are a unique way to brand yourself
  • demonstrate to clients that you will market their property to its fullest potential

Contact us to discuss pricing and customising video to suit your needs.

  • Property walkthrough video
  • Sample Fotura eTour
  • Sample customer testimonial