Pet photography

Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Immortalise your pet with Fotura's professional pet photography service. We have both studio and on location packages available.

Why professional pet photography?

Pets are a part of the family too. Unfortunately they don't stay with us for our lifetime. Investing in a Fotura pet photography session will allow you and your family to cherish your beloved family member for generations to come.

Where will this take place?

Pets are unpredictable in their movements and almost impossible to get them to pose. Before the photo shoot, a Fotura photographer will discuss your pet's personality with you and decide on the best location. Cats are best suited to home photo shoots, while dogs can look great in a studio setting, at home, or on location where they can be captured in action.

My pet won't sit still, is that going to be a problem?

Fotura photographers are committed to capturing the best moment of your pet while photographing. It does not matter if the pet won't sit still or pose for a shot. We will allow your pet to be natural and have fun whilst we capture the moments. Action shots are often the best!

Can I be in the photo too?

Of course you can! This is a common request and we are more than happy to accommodate. Normally at the end of a photo shoot we will ask you to have some fun with your pet while we capture the moments. Photos between owner and pet are magical!

Benefits of Fotura pet photography:

  • high quality standard—showcase your pet with the highest of professional photography standards
  • digitally retouched photos—edited to be presented in the highest quality possible and large enough to be printed onto any size canvas
  • capture those precious moments between owner and pet
  • pet loving photographers; we connect with your pet and make them feel safe during a photo shoot
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